Before the fun can start, it's time to look at the technical bits.

Here are the specifications as of the 2019 race


Cart specifications


  •  Must include a minimum of 3 wheels

  • The cart must be driven by only one person, although the team can give one push start - however, no propulsion other than gravity is allowed.

  • The maximum length of the overall cart is 2.5m, and the maximum width is 1.5m.

  • Your cart must include brakes on at least two wheels on the same axle.

  • Your cart must have a ground clearance of at least 50mm to go over the ramps.

  • You can use a pre-formed frame to build your cart around, but as much should be self-manufactured as possible.  

  • The driver must wear a helmet – a cycle helmet is fine.

  • The driver’s seat must be secure, and the cart design must not hinder or impede their ability to steer or brake.

  • The driver must sit feet facing forward.

  • No loose weighting is allowed inside the cart.

  • The race course is downhill and is 200m long except for the junior race which is 100m. There is potential for your cart to reach a speed of 20-30mph here.

  • It is recommended that you add a harness for the driver's safety.

  • Teams are responsible for the safety of their soapbox during the event. Each team member will be required to sign a disclaimer before racing to state that their cart is safe to compete.

  • No glass to be included in the cart and sharp edges should be padded.





Pre-race safety check


Marshalls will check every cart before allowing teams to race; this is to ensure that the cart complies with the specification and is safe to use – they will check the following :


  • That the Max width is 150cm (1500mm) and max length is 250cm (2500mm).

  • That your cart has a ground clearance of at least 50mm to go over the ramps.

  • That your cart is stable enough to travel the course.

  • That the cart has a braking mechanism.

  • The cart can steer.





Race rules


  • The cart must complete the course within five minutes to qualify for the leaderboard. The fastest time wins - simple!

  • The cart will only qualify as ‘finishing’ if the cart goes across the line with the driver inside the cart.

  • Drivers will need to sign that they have checked the safety of their cart before racing.

  • Drivers must keep their hands on the steering mechanism throughout the race and may not use their feet to aid their speed.

  • The event organisers may refuse a cart to race if they believe it is unsafe for the driver or the public.

  • If you are entering the Junior Race, you must have a parent/guardian over the age of 18 responsible for your team and attending on the day.  

  • There will be 4 categories to win: fastest time, creativity, performance and overall winner. 

  • Carts that fail to complete the course cannot be re-entered in the same race category.

  • The same cart may be used once in each of the three races.

  • You may share a cart with other teams however it does mean that your cart may have more wear and tear than other one-use carts which may be a disadvantage.

  • There is no limit to the size of a team, but you will need at least one driver and one push starter.

  • Carts that become unsafe or fall apart on the race course will be removed.

  • Judges decisions are final, and no further correspondence may be entered into.

  • Spectators may not assist carts on the course – and in doing so the cart will be disqualified.

  • Race slots are given directly to competitors via email prior to the event – you should aim to be trackside at least 30 minutes before your allocated time slot.

  • You do not need to be an Milton Keynes resident to take part. Employees of Ringway, MK Council and MK21 are eligible to take part if they wish.

  • Sabotage of other team carts is not accepted.





Race Photography (under 18s)


As most people have a mobile phone with a camera, it’s likely that many images of this popular event will be uploaded onto the internet and social media platforms.


By signing the entry form, you are giving permission for group and individual photos/video films to be taken during the event and understand that these may be used for archive and publicity purposes.


For safety reasons, no drones are allowed over the event site.





Other info


  • Entry fees are non-refundable except in exceptional circumstances.

  • The event organiser is MK Council (Highways and Transport) in partnership with MK21 and Ringway.

  • We may make changes to the official MK Soapbox website without notice.